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Ashley King: Helping tenants find a place to call home in the Canary Wharf, Northwood, Hillingdon and Harrow Areas

Finding the perfect rental property can be a complex and time-consuming process. At Ashley King Estate Agents, we are committed to making this process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Our expertise and dedication to our tenants' needs have made us one of the most trusted agencies in the areas we serve.

Below is a detailed guide to renting through Ashley King, covering every step and what is expected from you as a tenant.

   Renting Made Simple

Although renting can seem comlicated, it doesn't need to be if you know what is required and are fully prepared. Our guide aims to ensure you know what to expect and have got all to the paperwork and referencing requirements ready for when you find the right property. 

  Planning Your Budget

Before starting your property search in earnest, we recommend taking some time work our your budget and find out what you can comfortably afford to pay,

What to include:

  • Montly Rent
  • Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water
  • Council Tax
  • Telecoms
  • Service Charges (if applicable)
  • Deposit - Usually 5 weeks rent (or 6 weeks if annual rent is over £50,000)
  • Upfront rent you can afford (Landlords can request several months' rent upfront, unlike deposits which are capped)
  • Commute/Travel (including ULEZ, LEZ, CC if applicable)
  • Parking Permits (if applicable)
  • Furnishing (most properties are unfurnished, so plan for white goods and furnishings)

Additionally, if you have a pet , you will need to factor in additional rent (capped at £15 per week per pet).

  Register With Us

High demand and a shortage of supply means that most properties are let almost as soon as they hit the market, therefore, we recommend registering with us to ensure you are at the top of the list when new properties become available.

In most instances, you will be notified of new listings before a property has hit the open market, 

  Securing Your New home

  • Applying to Rent: As soon as you have found a property you would like rent, we will submit your application to the landlord along with any supporting information to help them ecide whether or not to accept your application. This will include ID documents, information about your current situation such as how soon you can move and how long you wioul like to rent the property.  
  • Holding Deposit: If the landlord approves your application and moves forward to referencing, you must pay a holding deposit equivalent to 1 week's rent. This will 'Hold' the property for you and prevent it from being let to another tenant. This deposit will be included as part of your security deposit at the start of your tenancy.

Please Note: Your holding deposit may be forfeited should it become evident during referencing that you withheld information that could affect your suitability as a tenant.

A moving-in day is usually set at this point and should you fail to produce the required referencing information before this date and referencing cannot be completed, you will also lose your deposit.


Once your landlord has approved your application, we will commence with Tenant Referencing

This will include:

  • Credit Checks: Credit Score and CCJs.
  • Affordability: 3 months bank statements and payslips
  • Employer Contact Details: We will verify your employment status and job security with your employer.
  • Proof of Address: Recent utility bill from your current address (within last 3 months)
  • Proof of Identity: A driver's licence or passport is needed (if neither is available, there are alternatives we can advise you on).
  • Previous landlord(s) Reference (where applicable)
  • Right-to-Rent: A driver's licence or passport is needed (if neither is available, there are alternatives we can advise you on).
  • Guarantor: If this is your first rental or you failed our credit checks, you may still be able to rent with a guarantor. Your guarantor must also meet the above referencing requirements.

Unless the landlord withdraws consent, you will lose your holding deposit if you don't provide the required information or fail to take up the tenancy.

  Tenancy Agreements

The majority of tenancies are an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST).

An AST is legal document, therefore, please read carefully before signing and let us know if there is anything you don't fully understand or would like to discuss in more detail.

Your tenancy agreement protects both you and your landlord's right and help to prevent tenancy disputes.

  Security Deposits

Before starting your tenancy, a security deposit of 5 weeks' rent (or 6 weeks if annual rent is over £50,000) is required. This will include the 1 week's holding deposit.

This deposit will be returned to the tenant at the end of the tenancy, less any agreed-upon damage deductions. By law, your security deposit must be registered with a government approved Tenant Deposit Scheme.

You must also be provided with the reference number and registration information for your deposit within 30 days of starting your tenancy.

Should a dispute arise, the scheme will provide a resolution service.


On signing your tenancy agreement, you must pay between 1–3 months of rent upfront, depending on the landlord's individual terms.

If your landlord has agreed to you having a pet(s) living in with you, the may charge an additional £15 per week pet-premium per animal.


One our bank receives your deposit and upfront rent, we can now hand over the keys and check you into your new home.

Either one of our team or the landlord will show you around the property and check fire, smoke and CO2 alarms with you present.

You will also be shown where the stopcock, fuse box, metres, and heating and hot water manuals are, as well as any information you might need to operate other fixtures and fittings.

You will also be asked to verify that the Gas Safety and Electric Safety Certificates are current and will be provide with emergency instructions.

The person checking you will normally go through an inventory with you. An inventory details the property's condition and contents, and includes walls, floors, fixtures, fittings, and furnishings, including any marks or damage. It is important to identify any damage or missing items that aren't identified during this process as any omissions may affect your security deposit.

We recommend you take meter readings and notify suppliers to avoid paying for a previous tenant. The landlord or our team member will also take a record and notify suppliers that a new tenant has moved in.

  Your Tenancy

During your tenancy, you are expected to abide by the terms of your tenancy agreement, including treating the property with respect by keeping it clean and tidy, and avoiding behaviour that could cause damage, attract vermin or mould.

You must also report and Repair and Maintenance issues swiftly, as failure to do so could cause further damages and mean you incur financial liability or lose your deposit. If we are the managing agent, please report issues to us immediately. If your landlord is self managing your property, you will report directly to them.

  End of Tenancy

Tenants must leave their rental property in the same condition as when they moved in, bar any agreed wear and tear. The inventory used at check-in will be used to identify any issues such as breakages, damage, missing items or misuse, and your deposit statement will list any items you are responsible for and their deduction value.

Your security deposit should be returned, less deductions as detailed above or for any unpaid rent within 10 days. 

If there is a dispute over deductions, the Tenant Deposit scheme used will reach a ruling within 6 weeks.

  Tenant Fees

Tenant Referencing is no longer a chargable fee, however, some fees are still permitted and include:

  • Overdue rent charges
  • Lost Keys
  • Early termination
  • Broken or lost items
  • Damage caused by misuse or neglect

The secret to securing your new rental home is getting everything you need ready, so you can act quickly when a property you are interested in becomes available.

So be prepared, and register with us TODAY!

Get in touch with our friendly and helpful team for a chat about your rental needs. We look forward to helping you find your new home very soon.


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